We have been passionately making our own clay (made of clay, kaolin, feldspar and silica) and enamels (made of natural components with no toxins) for over 250 years… We have passed down from generation to generation a unique set of skills that allows us to create extremely high-quality products.

For optimal and long-lasting use of your dish, here are a few suggestions.

Because it has been fired at a very high temperature (1320°C/2408°F), Revol porcelain is 100% non-porous. Unlike other culinary porcelains, Revol porcelain does not absorb oils or odors. It therefore does not affect the taste of your food and guarantees perfect hygiene. It is not necessary to soak your dish before your first time using it, as the porosity of Revol dishes is 0.05% (in contrast to the 0.5% porosity of most other culinary porcelains).

In addition to its high resistance to mechanical shock, Revol porcelain ensures an easy grip. A few of our products have ergonomic handles.

Designed to last, the smooth and resistant enamel on the porcelain does not scratch, and is easy to clean thanks to its inherent non-stick attributes.


REVOL respects food safety standards according to regulations (n°1935/2004).

All REVOL products are Cadmium and Lead free.

Our products respect international food safety standards:

France - NF EN 1388-1

Australia – AS-NZS 4371

Japan - JIS S 2401


California - PROPOSITION 65

Mexican standards - NOM-010-SSA1


Concerned about preserving the environment, REVOL has put in place an eco-friendly plan at the heart of its factory, and in its approach to commercialization.

  • We recycle industrial waste water.
  • We treat liquid effluent in our integrated purification station.
  • Mineral waste is taken to cement factories.
  • We installed a new low-consumption kiln.
  • We use the kilns’ heat to heat the workrooms.
  • 90% of our packaging are made from recycled cardboard.