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The Equinoxe collection – much loved for its chic but timeless design – includes an enamel finish that, created by the expert hands of our artisan decorators, transports you to the heart of lush forest. Inspired by the movements of nature, its earthy colours and dynamic feel created by hand-applied metallic drops make it ideal for your loveliest dishes and brings drama to your dining table. Available in 3 sizes, it will fit all your needs. The 16cm plate designed for bread can also be used to serve tapas.

The 21cm plate is ideal for starters and desserts but, with this original decoration, also very using for serving sharing dishes. The large serving surface of the 31cm plate and its decoration make it ideal for showcasing signature recipes. You’ll appreciate the strength and the non-porous nature of the black ceramic paste, which you can see on the hand-deglazed rim. The result is a rare elegance that will match your creativity and make meals into magical moments.

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  • france
  • durable
  • lave-vaisselle
  • micro-onde
  • non-poreux
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