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Cup ø3.25 No.W, 3 colors


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These cups are from the No.W collection (standing for No Waste!). Made from recycled porcelain and enamel, this collection is the first tableware collection taking into consideration the preservation of our natural resources by re-integrating them directly in the manufacturing process. Our Recyclay paste has the same property as our standard porcelain. All the items from the No.W collection are 100% non-porous and food safe. They can go in the oven, the microwave and the dishwasher.  Cups are the center piece of a balanced and healthy brunch, ideal to offer individual cakes or fruit salads.

The precise and delicate work of the potter is at the center of this collection.

These cups are available in  3 different colors, Arctic White, Indigo Blue and Matt grey Recyclay and 2 different sizes. 

Find out more about the No.W collection here.

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Mary G.
le 16/04/2021

Not as happy with this as it's so small, but it is lovely.