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bread and butter Ø6.25, swell, 3 colors


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Bread and butter plate from the Swell range. This is the smallest of all. This 6.26inch plate is great to present dessert, cheese or bread and butter. Mix and match any of the 3 colors.

Inspired by the ocean waves, the foam of the sea and the colors of sand, this new range will invite you to travel and relax. Every piece is made of black porcelain, glazed on top with a smooth surface finish and a range of subtle shades and colors. These colors include: Black Sand (black clay & black enamel), brown Sand (black clay & brown enamel) and White Sand (black clay & white enamel). Each piece is finished by hand and colors from the same finish can vary from one product to another; pieces can be more or less dark. Every piece is unique. Because it’s culinary porcelain, plates are sturdy and resistant. They are also dishwasher safe, oven safe and microwave safe. The range includes a variety of sizes and shapes.

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Amalia H.
le 18/12/2020

Very nice! I love this style and quality.