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Belle Cuisine black cast iron style salad bowl serving dish

Belle Cuisine

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This very dramatic black colored serving bowl from Belle cuisine collection is the perfect serving bowl for mussels. Same color as a mussel’s shell, with its nice deep wide shape, this bowl will hold mussels perfectly. It is also suitable to serve a small salad for 2 people, or enhance the serve of a gourmet pasta dish or any healthy-dinner. So as to seanson your dishes, you can use the olive oil and vinegar cruets French Classique.You can use it to both prepare and serve side dishes. Handles are part of the same mold for more resistance, easy grabbing and easy handling. Made of culinary porcelain, the bowl is black all the way through. The clay is black and has specific black enamel creating a cast-iron look. It is resistant to thermal and mechanical choc; it can also be used in the oven and microwave and it is of course dishwasher safe. The dish does not scratch, does not craze and will remain white use after use. A must piece convenient for everyday use! Also available in white. SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Salad, vegetables, mussels, pasta.  
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