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This serveware set is meant for presenting your outdoor grill preparations. Elizabeth Karmel known as the queen of the BBQ had to choose in her Everyday Essentials collection a barbecue grill set: a steak plate and ramekin to serve the most beautiful grilled meat. This black porcelain slate lookalike, from our Basalt collection, is the perfect platter for all your cook outs! It is both rustic for an outdoor use and sophisticated for entertaining. Best of all, it is multi-functional. It is a platter, a surface for re-heating or cooking on and washes up easily in the dishwasher. The added bonus is the shiny red ramekin that can hold a dipping sauce or a compound butter. For a design tuch, you can put your fries in this French fries holder French Classique.
The Basalt steak plate will not scratch nor rust and because it is made of porcelain, it is absolutely non porous so it’s suitable to serve any piece of meat. The dish won’t absorb any fat or odors. The other great feature of the product is that it is oven and microwave safe so you can conveniently place the plate in the oven to reheat your preparations. 

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Serve and cut meat, steaks, grilled vegetables. Ramekin for sauces, mustard, ketchup and spices. 

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Features and benefits
  • A UNIQUE COLLECTION CURATED BY ELIZABETH KARMEL: 5 entertaining pieces and 5 cooking pieces make Elizabeth’s Everyday Essentials collection.
  • FRENCH PRODUCTS FOR AMERICAN RECIPES: Each product comes with a recipe booklet to adapt the product to American ways of cooking and entertaining.
  • VERSATILE SETS: Each set has multiple uses, allowing you to use your new favorite pieces often.
  • MUST HAVE: If you had to start from scratch, these are the 10 products you should get to furnish your kitchen.
  • HIGH PERFORMING PORCELAIN: All of the pieces are made of culinary porcelain, for an oven to table use. Freezer safe. Dishwasher safe. Food safe.
Technical information
Height : 1.75
Width : 13.25
Depth : 10
Weight (lbs) : 3.65
Made in : France
Material : Porcelain

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